I was featured in the @Grazia_me last week’s fashion forward streetstyle coverage!! 😍😊 click picture for details and yeah I totally forgot to Instagram this lol thanks Grazia! 📰☕️

I was featured in the @Grazia_me last week’s fashion forward streetstyle coverage!! 😍😊 click picture for details and yeah I totally forgot to Instagram this lol thanks Grazia! 📰☕️

Best of Fashion Forward Season 3: Day 1

Season 3 of my favourite Fashion Week was last weekend and it kicked off the first day with a BANG! With designers: Starch Foundation, Kage, Emperor 1688, Jean Louis Sabaji, Asudari, and Ezra. A wonderful line up of such talented people.

This season was a bit toned down compared to last years S/S bonanza since their celebrating Autumn/Winter 2014 but don’t worry because all the designers are not afraid of colour this season and it will show in the next 2 days as well.

This year i decided to focus on detail shots of the shows to show how talented our local designers are and how detail oriented Dubai is, And detail shots have always been my favourite part of fashion shows because you can get to see what the designers spent months working on and really get mind blow by the art of fashion, I will also write my commentary on each show but sadly since press are allowed only to sit at the back of the audience and shows and I am a one man show so I couldn’t get the absolute best shots and write down notes but I did my best to bring you the best content from the back seats which the Press are provided. (Sadly “celebrities” and designers “friends” are more favoured more than the actual press and bloggers at these shows but we manage…)

Lets kick things off with

  • Starch Foundation:

Designers Timi Hayek & Jo Baaklini Delivered very different and distinct collections. Jo gave us a very summer collection which I guess is going to be released this S/S 2014 because I don’t think I’d want to wear lemons and hot dogs in winter but it was a beautiful collection with such bright colours and patterns and its reminiscent of a french brand called “Au Jour Le Jour” but his collection was a bit more cartoonish which is definitely my style and mantra which is to bring fun and colour to fashion!

Timi followed suit with prints but her focus was on pleating (which is stunning) and her prints were very dark and abstract which is such a refreshing collection to start F/W season with and her cuts and prints were on point with this seasons trends.

  • Kage:

Kage definitely strayed away from their L.A. cool girl style with this collection, Working with velvet, Embroidery, And most importantly BLACK! My favourite colour was incorporated so much I almost stood up and clapped until I thought to myself that Kage don’t do menswear (which is sad) and also the fact that their brand is directed more towards International clients rather than cater to Dubai and Arab needs which is great for the brand but not so great to showcase in Dubai but other than that it was such a wearable and cool collection.

  • The Emperor 1688: 

When it was announced that The Emperor 1688 was taking over Hall 1 at Fashion Forward I knew that they were stepping up their game and making an amazing show, and i sure as hell wasn’t disappointed. From plaid capes and sherlock holmes suits to silk organza show stopping gowns, the three brothers and designers earned their respect as one of the best shows of fashion forward to date. I loved every single look and I NEED all of the mens capes and suits pronto

  • Jean Louis Sabaji 

Jean Louis Sabaji is one of those designers ho can create a fairytale and a magnificent story from clothing, He turn couture into art which only a few couturiers can create from the likes of John Galliano and the great Alexander McQueen. His collection was definitely inspired by nature and more specifically flowers and plants. It was such an amazing collection and I loved how the music and setting didn’t disturb or take away from the beauty of the clothes but rather complimented it. I’m expecting such a great future from this young man and hopefully one day when he’s showing his collections in paris at somewhere like the Grand Palais and It’s a packed full house, I’ll say I was there to see a great artist and supported him from doing shows at small venues at Fashion Forward! Hats off to you Mr. Jean Louis.

  • Asudari: 

When I read in the designer profile that Lamia Asudari worked under Alexander McQueen, my favourite designer of all time, and studied at Central Saint Martens I had such high expectations and the lady did not disappoint! The collection felt like a winter wonderland with the embellished snow flakes motif over sequined fabric and such cuts and prints which are show stoppers and overall it was a lovely collection but I felt like working with someone as great as McQueen would focus a bit more on the theatrical part of a fashion show and have something that imprints in everyones minds but it was a great show nonetheless and I can’t wait to see what Lamia comes up with next!

  • Ezra


It was snowing in April… In Dubai. Now that’s what I call a fashion show. The day ended with gorgeous gowns strutting down the runway at Ezra as always and if i had one sentence to describe this collection it would be: An arabian robotic warrior braving the snowy dunes of Neverland. Yep that’s exactly how i would describe it. From layered maxi dresses to embellished and studded show stopping gowns Ezra has once again confirmed that he is one of the best couturiers of Dubai and internationally and his collections never fail to leave me in awe and I left show with such inspiration (and covered in fake snow) that will last me months, till his next show of course!

So to recap the first day we had hotdogs and lemons, a floral arrangement, Snow in Dubai in April, Embroidered madness, and Velvet for days. What a great start to Fashion week! Day 2 of Fashion Forward will be posted in the next two days (because blog posts aren’t a piece of cake as they seem, they are very hard work… very.) and till next time Stay Chic!

And also to see all the fun I had and more pictures of those 3 days check out my Instagram @Moerz (why aren’t you following me? duh!) and you’ll see that and my daily fashion adventures! 

Fashion Army with my front row gang @feed_the_wolves @mika_ashraf & @queenofcapes ❤️🔫✨ love you guys!! #nobasicbitches (at www.livingonthemagazines.com)

Fashion Army with my front row gang @feed_the_wolves @mika_ashraf & @queenofcapes ❤️🔫✨ love you guys!! #nobasicbitches (at www.livingonthemagazines.com)

Music & Fashion: A never ending love story

I’ve always wondered what music inspired certain collections from designers and then i think well my taste in music is better than what they think… But then again i thought everyone has different taste in music and what they think each song matches which collection. Instead of posting my favourite pieces from each major designer with my thoughts, Instead what I’m going to do is post is my favourite pieces with the music that i think matches each collection!

Here are my favourite looks from A/W 2014 Fashion Shows:

Alexander McQueen


Dolce & Gabbana





This concludes my favourite looks and music that I think matches each collection as well, some of you might not agree or maybe have other choices so leave down below in the comments what songs you think would match the collections above and for more fashion coverage and my daily fashion adventure keep up with me on Instagram @Moerz

Till next season, Stay Chic and I’ll hopefully be checking out your outfits next fall wearing all the above collections!

The ART of FASHION: Splash S/S 2014 fashion show Live Stream


This friday is going to be an exciting day for Art and Fashion lovers because Splash Fashions are live streaming their S/S ‘14 show for whoever couldn’t get an invite but would love to watch the show and feel like their right there with all the action happening!

Landmarkshops Blog | Fashion Show

Here’s the link for it: www.splashfashions.com/fashionshow

So check that out on the timings posted in the image above, It’s going to be an exciting night for all fashion lovers and especially everyone who loves to shop at splash (Including me, I’m obsessed with that store!) and I’m excited to be going to the show and can’t wait to blog about the splash show experience and the show as it happens on my Instagram @Moerz 

And I heard that the competition to get tickets for the show is still on going so check out their facebook for details on how to do that.

New Look S/S 2014 Launch Event

New Look kicked off their spring/summer season with a bang, dropping three new themes for their womenswear. From bohemian to punk chic to pretty lace and girly/frilly pieces. 

As much as the clothes were very exciting and on trend i absolutely adored the shoes and accessories! The very urban and architectural shoes mixed in with the modern abstract and very psychedelic and colourful Jewellery is a sure fire hit between fashionistas and modern girls alike. It brings in the pop of colour and art that spring usually misses hidden behind denim shorts and tank tops

And as always the menswear this season is all about being very wearable but still have a trendy feel with neon touches and urban comfortable wear which is what I’m all about in my daily outfits and especially during summer. It’s the perfect collection to be comfortable and trendy and not look overdone yet presentable. The perfect concoction to create a great summer wardrobe. Men, rejoice!

Check out the latest New Look collection at a store near you and don’t forget to share with me your purchases and #NewLookSS14 outfits to my instagram or twitter @Moerz      

Happy Shopping!

Reiss Spring/Summer 2014 Launch

Sequined knitwear, Cutout wedges, and Kaleidoscopic prints aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think of Reiss, The UK brand have launched their new collection catering to the new generation of young women who aren’t afraid to take risks with their outfits and have fun with fashion. Even while taking a new direction, Reiss still managed to hold on to their DNA by continuing to make our beloved well tailored suits and those great quality everyday pieces that last a lifetime. And as for the menswear they are taking risks with pastel colored short suits and and great colors for spring while still maintaining the dapper look that Reiss men always does.

I really enjoyed the great event at Meydan Beach Hotel hosted by the awesome Landmark group ladies who always put on an amazing night filled with amazing food, drinks, and fashion! The location definitely fitted the vibe for this season, especially the beach waved print dresses and the light knitwear.

Overall its a fabulous collection which is now released worldwide so grab it while it lasts ladies and gentlemen, Because this collection is not to be missed, so definitely check it out if you ever pass by Reiss!

Fashion Bloggers vs. Magazine Editors, A never ending dispute.

This blog post is a bit different for me, I’m not talking about my outfits, or an event, or even the latest fashion shows (which I haven’t gotten around to… oops) but its going to be addressing a topic that causes major uproar from the fashion industry. The topic is Fashion Bloggers vs. Fashion Editors

Now to start this off I am in no way a Grace Coddington or a Bryan Boy, but I’ve had my fair share of experience to talk about this subject and I’m defending us bloggers once and for all and putting my two cents on the subject as a blogger. For years now magazine editors from all over the world from the likes of Vogue and Elle to small magazines have all at one point in their lives complained about how blogger are “Hogging” the fashion shows at fashion week and getting all the major brands at their knees and it annoys them. Now those big fashion editors got where they are from years of hard work and effort, they studied proper journalism before embarking in their career paths and make a name for themselves and I respect that, But us bloggers, well at least most of us, put in much more effort in terms of determination and dedication.

Now here’s where the actual dispute starts, those editors have to write a piece a month for a magazine and work on another piece for the next month and I know that they need to be at the shows to talk about them, but in this day and age of social media and fast life not many people have the time and money, for some, to buy a fashion magazine and sit down and read it from cover to cover. It takes time and there’s too much to take in. While bloggers on the other hand have to update their readers regularly, at least four times a week, and lets not forget you have to also be consistent on all you’re social media outlets and writing a post for your own “publication” with no help whatsoever is a challenging task and its quite time consuming. While working on all of that some of us have jobs to pay the bills and fashion events and shows to go to. Not so easy, see.

I do respect those major editors but us bloggers deserve as much credit on representing a brand or a trend, especially style bloggers. While magazine publish the “It” items and what to wear, us bloggers are the ones wearing it and mixing it with our own style and making something like a “Chanel Lego/Perfume bag” desirable, for example a magazine might put up a picture of it and tell you to buy it because its so hot and trendy, while we have to simply wear it with a magnificent outfit and all the readers and fans would want to buy it just because we showed them how to mix in an “It” item in their daily wardrobes.

Now you might say “Well celebrities can do that and everyone would buy it”, but the thing with celebrities is that you would expect them to wear it and wouldn’t look twice but seeing someone as accessible as a blogger, who might be your neighbor or a friend rock the hell out of it, It would make you want to have it.

I can go on for days and days about how both sides of the spectrum deserve to be at the shows and events but to be honest anyone who has devoted their days and nights to fashion deserves to be there. Whether it’s a blogger or an editor, anyone who is dedicated to it deserves the right to be surrounded by fabulous people and looking at beautiful clothes. Because were all here to celebrate fashion and look good while doing it.

Footballin’ in Chanel

So this is a long overdue outfit since I wasn’t too keen on the outfit since I always love to post over the top and planned outfits on the Blog but on my daily life I like to wear comfortable yet fashionable outfits like this one. We had a great family lunch at my aunt’s garden and before heading out to the mall I decided to snap some pictures for you guys to debut my new favorite shoes and update you guys! I’ve got some more great outfits and editorial coming up which i can’t wait to share soon and working on some projects that I might need some of your guys help in so follow me on Instagram @Moerz to know more about these project and all my fashionable adventures!!

Top: Isabel Marant

Necklace: Vince Camuto

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Chanel

Alexander McQueen finale 🍃🍂🌌 Sarah Burton is stepping up her game! Amazing show @worldmcqueen #alexandermcqueen #mcqueen #mcq #sarahburton #pfw

Alexander McQueen finale 🍃🍂🌌 Sarah Burton is stepping up her game! Amazing show @worldmcqueen #alexandermcqueen #mcqueen #mcq #sarahburton #pfw